FSWG Annual Holiday Party – Plan Change

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There is an Open House and lots of children’s activities planned for LibertyTown this Saturday so we are moving our party to Judy’s house!

Details:   Starting at 10:00 until ??

Please check your email for the details and directions.



Education/Outreach opportunity for the Guild: Spotswood Elementary School Colonial Day

This is regarding an Education/Outreach opportunity for the Guild: I had mentioned at the Guild meeting on Saturday that there is a request from Spotswood Elementary School in Spotsylvania to demonstrate fiber arts at their Colonial Day. They only involve the Fourth Grade, and in multiple groups, so the experience isn’t overwhelming. But the date snuck up on me – it’s Monday, December 14th!

So of course they’d like to know right away if we can be there. I have committed to demonstrate spinning on a wheel, but it would be wonderful to have someone who can demonstrate combing or carding, or weaving or dyeing. Or someone could demonstrate spindle –spinning, or knitting/crochet. Or I could do one of those and someone else could use a wheel. They are especially interested in a Weaver. Or a Seamstress. I know some of you know a LOT more than I do about the Colonial period and clothing of the times, etc.

Your participation would mean a lot to my daughter Sarah, who is actually in the fourth grade this year. Who can come out for a few hours to support the next generation of fiber artists? Keep the crafts alive!

Quick Turnaround Service Project – Update 1

We will be meeting at Artful Dimensions on Friday the 11th from 10- 3 pm.  Definitely a drop in and create kind of thing.  FI you cant join us but want to help, simple stuffies with handles- ie long ears arms or legs and no bigger than about 8 inches- nothing scary, can be dropped off at my studio at Artful dimensions till Dec 30!!

Thank so much for helping me spread the word.

Original Post

Oct planning meeting

From Lynette:
I will be at Libertytown Thursday putting final touches on the fiber show and would like to have a short LET’S STITCH meeting with whomever is available.  Let’s shoot for 2:30 so it does not get too late. 

I understand that some of you will not be able to attend so if there is anything you want us to discuss please let me know.



Archived in museums, stored in collections, kept safe in our very own homes – what is it about objects that make them so special, and what can we learn from them? Tracing Roots is a new documentary that inspires audiences to make powerful connections between environment and art, collecting and living cultures, and between what is on the shelf and the meaning of its origin.  The film focuses on Haida elder and master weaver, Delores Churchill, and her unique discovery of an ancient spruce hat found in a retreating glacier during a warm summer.

Join us for this film screening and discussion with Delores Churchill and producer/director Ellen Frankenstein, as we explore why culture and heritage matters and the rich livingness of objects.

A weaving demonstration with Delores Churchill will follow.  This program is presented by NMNH’s Education & Outreach Department with Recovering Voices (NMNH), The Arctic Studies Center (NMNH), and Artchange, Inc

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Time: 6:15 PM – 8:30 PM

Baird Auditorium
Ground floor, National Museum of Natural History
10th St. and Constitution Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC 20560

Registration is free, but required.


Image credit: Dave Rubin

Incredible Fiber Estate Sale

Sharon Janda, an accomplished felter, designer and owner of Wild Plum Designs  http://wildplumdesigns.com/index.cfm, unexpectedly passed away earlier this year. Her vast collection of high-quality fiber materials will be sold at a series of events, the first of which is July 10-11, 2015.
Please do not contact Sharon’s family, who is generously donating the proceeds to establish an educational fund in Sharon’s honor. Members of Sharon’s felting group are  coordinating all sales for the family.
This collection is of special interest to felters, quilters, weavers, knitters/crocheters, mixed-media artists, and other fiber/fabric fanatics.
This first sale will feature
  • Hundreds of large spools/cones of yarns: $5.00 per large cone, $3.00 per small.
  • A very large amount of hand-dyed and commercial spinning and felting roving, primarily Merino.
  • Knitting yarns, including many lots of multiple skeins of the same dye lot in the original manufacturer packaging.
  • Fabrics: yardage of silks, cottons, and other fibers.
  • Vintage kimonos.
  • Buttons: collectible, vintage and contemporary, single beauties and high-quality sets
  • Commercial felt
  • Laces, both vintage and new
  • Chenille bedspreads
  • Notions
  • Patterns
  •  and much more
Many items, including all the spools of yarns, will be available in the garage, while other items will be inside her studio. There is a limit of 20 people inside the studio due to space constraints. As the space in the garage opens up, items from the studio will be placed inside the garage for greater accessibility.
Cash, checks, and credit cards will be accepted. Please bring your friends and pass this email on to others.
No early birds. Parking is along the street. The address is 11700 Lake Potomac Drive, Potomac, MD. Please, out of respect for the family, do not contact the family.
There will be a sale at the October Potomac Fiber Arts Guild meeting (go to http://www.potomacfiberartsguild.org/guild/page01.shtml ) which will include Sharon’s wonderful wearable art clothing and some of the high-end work she collected from other fiber artists.