Quick Turnaround Service Project

From: Elizabeth Woodford

Hi All!

I have a proposal!  I have just heard from a friend that she will be going to the island of Lesbos in Greece to work with the Syrian Refugees, specifically the children.  She was asking if I knew of an easy pattern for a small stuffed something- critter that she could hand stitch to take with her to give to the kids.  Think small and stuffed and lightweight.  She does not sew but is willing to try her hand  at it.  I started thinking that this would be a great service art play day project for a bunch of us.


This is very last minute and I know all are busy but I am going to ask anyway.  I will not be upset if you have other plans.  But if you are willing and able I would love to have some creating company!!

So my proposal!!  An morning or afternoon at Artful Dimensions with a pile of fleece scraps and or socks, buttons, a couple of sewing machines, a few different patterns and some embroidery floss.  We could spend an afternoon together making wonderful simple little stuffed critters for the refugees.  What say you??


I am thinking that a week from this Friday( Dec 11) would be a great time for us to give up an hour or two to give to creating stuffies!!  I have lots of fleece scraps and tones of buttons and felt bits and a whole bag of embroidery floss.  So if you are in, show up at 10 am or 1 pm   ( Let me know which time works best for you and I will decide based on which time works best for the most ) on the 11th and we can create together!!  If you have  a pair of sewing scissors bring them along also bring fleece scraps or other soft fabrics- flannel- felted sweaters or a pair of brightly colored socks- Medium teen sized- not too small:  anything similar that would make soft little loveies.


If you don’t sew, no matter you can join the stuffing crew or do the shape cutting out or clip seams after shapes are sewn on the machine.  We will find something for you t o do!


Also if you know of a pattern or patterns or have ideas let me know.  I am going to design some really simple shapes that we can add goofy faces to and floppy ears.

My friend leaves for Greece form Boston on January 5 so we need to get a move on.  I know that it is a really busy time of year but it would make us all fell terrific to do something for others who are in such desperate straits.  If you know of someone who might want o join us, bring them along !! the more the merrier!!  If we each make one or  two we will have a whole bag for her to hand out !!


http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/sockcraftsforkids.html  This is just a link to let you know what I am thinking about- this link takes you to tutorials for sock critters’





So there will be no fees or costs involved ! lets just get together for a few short our s and lend our awesome creative minds to some cute little critters for kids who have lost everything.

Please send me thoughts , inputs, ideas.

See you at 10 am on the 12th at Artful Dimensions!!


If you want to make a lovey but cant be with us on the 11th, feel free to make one on your own and drop it off with me to add to the batch.  Remember we want to keep these on the smallish size- no bigger than 8 inches and I am thinking that we need to have long ears or legs or arms that are very well affixed to the critter to give the kids something to hang on too! Also think soft and snuggly fabrics!!


Thanks for thinking about joining me!!




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  1. Elizabeth, this sounds really wonderful, and a great way to find the place our talents can meet the needs of the world in a small way during this busy and commercial season. I will see if I can take the day from work to join you now that things are finally slowing down a bit.

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