Antique Sock Knitting Machine with Jennifer Price

Jennifer introduces the guild to the history of her antique sock knitting machine

For the February 2013 guild presentation, Jennifer Price set up her antique sock knitting machine for a demonstration.  In addition to watching how the machine worked, Jennifer also shared the history behind the machine, what to look for when thinking of purchasing a machine, and some neat peculiarities that her particular sock machine has.

Machine History

Jennifer’s demonstration was on a vintage Erlbacher Gearhart Sock Knitting Machine. Jennifer walked the guild through the history of the machine from it’s concept and inception through it’s use in WWII.  For a complete history of the machine, and some of it’s more interesting uses, please visit Gearhart Machines written by Mr. Mark Gearhart.

Image and Video Gallery

Inside sock machine with starter yarn
Sock made by the machine with only the toe left to go

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