Fiber II, A National Juried Show

Fiber II, A National Juried Show

Submission Fee: $25.00 USD, $15.00 USD

This October, in partnership with the Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers Guild, LibertyTown Arts Workshop presents Fiber, an exhibition celebrating everything fiber. We want to showcase the full breadth of fiber art, including but limited to weaving, dying, felting, sculpture, sewing, quilting, knitting,and crocheting. Fiber can be, but is not limited to, cotton, wood, wool, paper, metal, or synthetic materials. Pieces must consist primarily of fiber and be of original design. Kits and commercial patterns are prohibited. The method of displaying the work must be obvious or clearly indicated and easily achieved by our staff. Any specialty hangers or forms must be included with the work. Artists should indicate all fiber media used in each piece.


9/16:             Submissions due by 10PM Eastern Time

9/19:             Notifications sent

10/1:             Accepted work due at LibertyTown by 6PM

10/5:             Opening reception

10/28:           Show closes, unsold work may be picked up


1st Place:          $300

2nd Place:         $200

3rd Place:         $100

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