Towel Exchange Guidlines

How it works:

Weaving Guidelines:
1) Weave one towel for each member of your assigned small group, one for MAFA goodie bags, and (optional) one for yourself.
2) Threads should be cotton (mercerized or unmercerized), cottolin, or linen.
3) Colors – weaver’s choice!
4) Pattern/weave structure – weaver’s choice! Does not need to be original designs – lots of patterns and ideas in Handwoven and weaving books.
5) Finishing technique (fringe, turned hem, hemstitched, etc.) – weaver’s choice!
6) Finished kitchen towels should be from 16-18 inches wide by 28-30 inches long. Take this into account during the planning stages. If you need help – please ask your guild representative or ask me.
7) Please complete a weaving project sheet to accompany each towel (available from the guild representatives or Aileen).

We are planning on having a fun get-together in November 2018 so everyone can see the awesome array of towels before they are distributed to their new owners.
Keep in mind: exchanges require a commitment so that everyone has a happy return on their weaving investment. So, you have to give in order to get… and meet the guidelines!

Overall Coordinator: Aileen Campbell 

Albemarle Weaving Guild Representative: Marla Campbell 

Foothills Spinners and Weavers Guild Representative: Pam Haverland 

Fredericksburg Spinners and Weavers Guild Representative: Aileen Campbell

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