For Sale: Structo Artcraft Loom made in Freeport, IL. Circa 1930

The tabletop loom is 24” wide, 20” deep, and 19” tall.
It comes with a 19” reed with 8 dents per inch. Also stainless steel heddles and some string heddles.

History: in the early 1990s, FSWG was contacted by the heirs of a weaver who lived near Barboursville, VA and wanted help in pricing their loved ones many weaving tools, books, and equipment. I purchased the loom at that time. It survived the fire at Sophia Street Studios in the summer of 1995. And I recently finished the table runner that was on it at the time!

It is a lovely little loom and would be perfect for workshops, learning to weave, or for one with limited space.

It is offered for $200 and for pick up only in the Fredericksburg area.

Contact: Toni Scott

E-mail: tkohdesigns (at)

Phone: 540-891-7264

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