For Sale: Spool Rack – can hold up to 72 spools


Name: Aileen Campbell
Email Address: specedt1 (at)
Phone: (703) 507-0265


This spool rack is wooden and has been gathering experience in the weaving world for many years but has managed to stay in good shape. Spool racks are generally used for warping sectional warp beams. She has six vertical sets of metal arms that hold the spools. Many of the metal arms are rusty but with some TLC, the rust can become a distant memory for this spool rack. Her work history includes assisting several weavers but, sad to say, I do not know any names. She is 44 inches wide and 55 inches tall and is ready to help out a new weaver, as we now use a warping wheel for all of our sectional warping. Currently she resides in our garage and, frankly, we need to reclaim the space.  As a general point of reference, newer models of spool racks from Schacht, which only hold 40 spools, sell for well over $300. I will let her go for just $40, as I really do need the space.

For clarification, the spool rack is the object in the foreground.

Please let me know if you are interested!


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