What Workshops Do You Want?

Anna has asked me to help with coordinating some workshops for the Guild.

I’d like to hear from each Guild member. If you are not interested in attending any Guild-sponsored classes I would like to know because if nobody is interested then I’ll work with the Guild in some other capacity if needed. That’s no problem; it would just help to know. I’ll follow up with all I don’t hear from by the next meeting.

We could have a class on anything related to fiber, to include needle felting, mushroom dyeing, color and yarn selection, and stash enhancement trips.

If you are interested in attending a class, please answer the questions below.  I’m interested only in general input at this point. We can get more specific once the Guild members send their answers.

Full-day classes generally run $50.00 to $100.00 per student if the instructor is local so we don’t have to pay for travel and boarding expenses. Generally, the longer the class, the more established the teacher, and the farther the teacher has to travel, the more expensive the class is.

Batik Class in DC

I’ve signed up for this. There is only ONE SPACE LEFT!!! Wanna carpool?
Textile Museum in DC (thank you, Mary!!)
Sat- Sun
July 27-28 WORKSHOP
Mapping Your Personal Landscape: Two-Day Batik Workshop
Saturday, July 27, 10 AM–4 PM
Sunday, July 28, 1–4 PM
Every individual has a sense of place and a personal landscape to map. Working with procion dyes, master dyer and educator Mary Edna Fraser will help you realize your design ideas. Fraser will demonstrate the ancient processes of layering color through painterly techniques and other tricks of the trade. Fraser brings thirty-five years of experience to this workshop. Fee for two sessions: $100/members; $125/non-members (includes silk scarf and supplies). Advance registration required; space is limited. Call (202) 667-0441, ext. 64 to register.


(Or you can talk to the receptionist as I did. Pat)


Of the workshop requests I’ve received, the topic of surface design has gained the most votes. I’ve found a local artist that you may be interested in: Candace Edgerley. Click on the links below to see her work and find out more about her. Let me know if you are interested in asking her to teach a class. We just missed a class with her at the Torpedo Factory. The tuition looked reasonable.

If you have fiber friends outside the Guild, please pass this on.


Just leave a comment on the website if you are interested. I think you need permission to comment on the website. If you’re not a registered user, just let Lesley know and she’ll take care of you with no additional work on your part. YAY!!!

Surface Design Work Study

I envision a small group of dedicated fiber folks who will commit to some independent study on various techniques so that each member will be able to lead the rest of us in one of the hundreds of surface design techniques available (and maybe come up with something on our own!). We could meet every other month or each month as the group would like.

The possibility of using the Liberty Town http://www.libertytownarts.com/site/ pottery room is being explored. More on that later.

Membership would be open to all, with fees charged only to cover the rental of the space assuming we can meet at Liberty Town. As the Guild is helping to make this possible through having a studio at Liberty Town I’d like to charge a slightly higher fee for non-Guild Members. This might also help increase our membership, visibility, and the wealth of knowledge within the group. Materials would be acquired either as a group or individually.

As a guide, I would propose using “Complex Cloth” by Jane Dunnewold as well as any of the other great surface design books that are available.

I have no experience in surface design, but would like to join up with others who are just as inexperienced and adventurous as I am. Experienced folks are more than welcomed, too. I think it’s important to understand that this is not meant to be a series of classes, but rather a series of opportunities for people studying on their own to meet with and share techniques and experiences.

Quilters, sewers, and nuno felters might also be interested in these techniques; please pass on this information to all you think may be interested.


Calendar Updates and Workshop Survey

Please send me information of fiber related events (classes, shows, deadlines for juried events, etc.) and I’ll stick them in the calendar.

Let the Guild know what kind of workshops you would like. We could have a class on anything related to fiber, to include needle felting, mushroom dyeing, color and yarn selection, and stash enhancement trips.


Fredericksburg Fair – Volunteers Needed

The fair is rapidly approaching and we still need some volunteer demonstrators. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board at the guild.  If you have a special talent, unique piece of equipment (like that sock knitting machine) and would like to demonstrate for a few hours, by all means let me know(send me an email so I can let the fair people know).  I already have bobbin lace making on the list for this year.   If three or four of you want to come out and do a hands on knitting, crocheting demo or something else, get together, pick a time and put it on the sign in sheet.  I’ll have to pick up the sheet by Saturday, 20 July.

The fair opens 26 July and the last day of demonstrating is Saturday 3 August. I pack up on Sunday, so we’ll demonstrate until 930 on Saturday.

Saturday/Sundays the fair opens at 11 and we finish at 930pm.  You don’t have to stay the whole time, if you can come for a couple of hours – that will be fine (that would be long enough to give me a break from demonstrating).  If we are lucky like last year, we will be able to park right next to the building.

Monday – Friday, the fair opens at 5 and we finish at 930. If we can park next to the building, the back gate opens before 5, which means, if you get there by 445, you shouldn’t have to wait in line to get in.  In particular, I need someone or two for Wed, July 31st as I have band practice that night.

Once I know who is coming and when, I can make arrangements regarding parking passes.  Family members (who are not demonstrating) have to pay to attend the fair.  If they are demonstrating have them sign up so I can make sure we get the passes right.

Here are the pertinent facts:

1.  The building is air conditioned, insulated and the air conditioning works fine.  There is a real bathroom in the back of the building with running water.  It has a big step to get into it (over a foot high).  Bring some bottled water.  The fair is nice, but drinks are expensive.

2.  No costumes – dress nice, but for warm weather.  If you get chilled in air conditioning, bring a light shirt/sweater/shawl for night time.  Last year I wore polo shirts and never got overheated or chilled.

3.  This is a teaching type of demonstration.  It is very hands-on.  The visitors are allowed to touch and try everything.  [The only exception would be for something like a knitting machine – we’ve learned that doesn’t do well – but I have a toy one we can pull out.].  No selling.  If you are really concerned about someone touching your wheel and messing up the yarn on it – don’t bring your wheel – show up and use my Ashford.

4.  This is a good beginner demonstrations.  We’ve never had such large crowds that you feel pulled in nine different directions.  Occasionally we might have two family groups show up at the exact same moment.  If such a thing happens, there are plenty other things in the building to go see while they wait their turn.

5.  Of course, you can slip away for a half hour or so, to go get something to eat or poke your nose through the other buildings.  Let one of the other folks in the building know that you are slipping out – they are usually good about keeping an eye on things (and we’ll watch their stuff for them).

6. I will have my Ashford wheel, a floor loom (with instructions so you’ll know what to do).  Small belt/rigid heddle/inkle looms, my cards and wool to card, drop spindles, weaving sticks, knitting dollies set up around a table for the kids and adults to try.  They can also try using the big floor loom. I’ll bring extra yarn/roving.   I don’t have a lot of stuff about knitting/crocheting because I don’t knit.

7.  I usually have an area for samples of weaving/spinning, knitting.  If you have something and you don’t mind people touching, let me know and I could use it on the table (I haven’t had a lot of time for weaving, so I’ve been using the same samples for a few years now).  Please tag it with your name, so I can get it returned.  Or, if you want to bring it with you and take it home, we’ll squeeze in a place for it

Questions – please email me at woolbuddy@aol.com  or call in the evenings 540-854-7035.



Featured Artist Exhibit at the Workhouse

The Secret Garden

I would like to invite you all to visit my Featured Artist exhibit at The Workhouse in Lorton during the month of August. I have been working feverishly for the past 4-5 months to prepare for this show that will have more of my coiled sculptures in one place than ever before.

Many (almost all) of the pieces were created using yarns handspun by our own Anna Branner. Hope to see you there on Second Saturday for the opening.



  • Opening Reception August 10th, 6-9PM
  • Exhibit runs August 5-31


Mating Call

Citrus Trio