Guild Reference

Associations, Guilds, Organizations, & Conferences

Museum sites to visit (you may have to hunt to find fiber on some sites):

Online Instructional (many are Videos) to Investigate:

(see calendar for dates)

Guild Member Sites & Blogs

  • Reedesigned -Lynette’s site, showing her paintings, jewelry, and fiber projects.
  • Elizabeth Creates – Elizabeth W’s artsy blog!
  • WovenGems  – natural fiber yarns including alpaca, cotton, silk and bamboo blends. Custom handweaving.

Knitting Sites

  • Ravelry – an online knit and crochet community

Spinning Sites

Weaving Sites

  • – site contains in excess of 50,000 hand weaving drafts, with more being added all the time. Each draft includes the standard threading, tie-up, treadling, and color drawdown. Drafts can be viewed, printed, and downloaded in WIF format. Weavolution – new site intended to be similar to Ravelry but emphasis is on weaving
  • Weavezine – online weaving magazine – complete with articles, projects, etc.
  • Weaving World Forum – a place to talk about everything involving any kind of weaving!
  • Vavstuga Swedish Weaving and Folk Arts – weaving school in western Massachusetts.


How-to Sites

Local Artists

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