Keren’s Korner – February 2013

Kerens KornerFor the holiday season I do enjoy the festive atmosphere created when decorating the house. Setting up the tree with family ornaments, and using colorful holiday tablecloths and linens from friends abroad. This year however, once the new year began and the holiday decorations were packed away I found my “back to normal” house looking rather boring, and having about 2 weeks of grey, rainy days didn’t help. I decided that short of a whole new set of furniture (not going to happen) I would freshen it up with textiles. I am going through my collection of items, seeing what I have that I can display on the walls and furniture. I’m reminded of how much I enjoy seeing my textiles from my travels or places I’d like to go to, how nice it is to make use of the linens and crocheted items from family members and reflect on the memories that they bring. Plus the added benefit that when strategically placed they help to hide my worn out furniture.

My newest piece is the Christmas gift my husband and I bought for each other—a Turkish(?) saddlebag found in downtown Fredericksburg no less. It is a nomadic piece, worn but in good shape. For a very utilitarian piece someone spent an enormous amount of time laboring on its design and weaving. I would love to know the stories this piece could tell. It will speak to me from my dining room wall now. Maybe inspire me for future projects as well.

In every culture worldwide fiber techniques have developed for use in clothing and everyday items. Fabric and cloth connect every one of us on this planet. It’s nice to know we all are doing our part to keep the traditions alive and thriving!

See you at our next meeting,



President—Keren Pritchett

Vice-President—Lesley Reynolds and Mary Snellings

Special Events Coordinator —Lynette Reed

Secretary—Peg Waters

Treasurer—Anne Nourse

Newsletter Editor— Mary Hardy

Education & Outreach—Vacant

Librarian—Margaret Hermann

Workshops Coordinator—Anna Branner

Membership Coordinator—Judy Klehm

Publicity—Mary Snellings

Website – Lesley Reynolds

WORKSHOP: Shadow Weave: Color and Dimension

The Weavers Guild of Greater Baltimore has some openings available for the upcoming class with Sarah Fortin.  If you are interested, please
contact Joanna Crosby at joanna (dot) crosby (at) morgan (dot) edu

WORKSHOP: Shadow Weave: Color and Dimension

INSTRUCTOR: Sarah Fortin

DATES: March 2, 3, & 4, 2013

LOCATION: Howard County Fair Grounds 4-H Building

FEES: Reduced! $130 for Members, $150 for Non-Members

SKILL LEVEL: Advanced beginner +

2013 Programs

Here are the programs we have on the calendar so far for 2013. If you have a great idea for a program, or want to volunteer to lead one, please contact Mary Snellings or Lesley Reynolds!
We have so much talent in our group – and so many varied interests. Everyone has something to share.


New Year’s Party at Florence’s – this was so much fun, thank you Florence and everyone who contributed!


Antique Sock Knitting Machine with Jennifer Price, at the Guild Studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.


Introduction to Ravelry with Mary Snellings. and Lesley Reynolds. Location TBD. (Ravelry is a powerful internet tool, a “Facebook for Crafters” and more.


Farm Tour and Fiber Talk with Lisa and Perry Darley of Maranatha Alpacas. This meeting will be at their farm off Rt 17 in Stafford, near Geico. (71 Coakley Ln, Fredericksburg, VA 22406)


MD Sheep and Wool Festival is on the 4th – We’ll have “Show Your Treasure” day on the 11th at the LibertyTown Guildspace. Bring your latest projects and new purchases and craft together.


Celebration of Libertytown Arts Workshop Anniversary


Fiber Toys and the Fair with Bonny Davia at the LibertyTown Guildspace.


Weaving with Diane Kowalski of Woven Gems at the LibertyTown Guildspace. Also Annual Potluck Lunch and “Yard Sale”.


Andean Knitting: Fibers, Color, and Motifs Discussion and Slideshow with Alex Capshaw-Taylor (knitwear designer and instructor) at the LibertyTown Guildspace.


Montpelier Fiber Festival on the 5th. Our 3rd Annual “Let’s Stitch” event is on the 12th at the Guild studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.


Fibers of Ireland and Scotland by Linda, Mary, Fran, and Judy. This meeting will be at Linda George’s house.


Annual Holiday Party – Location TBD.