Here are the programs we have on the calendar so far for 2013. If you have a great idea for a program, or want to volunteer to lead one, please contact Mary Snellings or Lesley Reynolds!
We have so much talent in our group – and so many varied interests. Everyone has something to share.


New Year’s Party at Florence’s – this was so much fun, thank you Florence and everyone who contributed!


Antique Sock Knitting Machine with Jennifer Price, at the Guild Studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.


Introduction to Ravelry with Mary Snellings. and Lesley Reynolds. Location TBD. (Ravelry is a powerful internet tool, a “Facebook for Crafters” and more.


Farm Tour and Fiber Talk with Lisa and Perry Darley of Maranatha Alpacas. This meeting will be at their farm off Rt 17 in Stafford, near Geico. (71 Coakley Ln, Fredericksburg, VA 22406)


MD Sheep and Wool Festival is on the 4th – We’ll have “Show Your Treasure” day on the 11th at the LibertyTown Guildspace. Bring your latest projects and new purchases and craft together.


Celebration of Libertytown Arts Workshop Anniversary


Fiber Toys and the Fair with Bonny Davia at the LibertyTown Guildspace.


Weaving with Diane Kowalski of Woven Gems at the LibertyTown Guildspace. Also Annual Potluck Lunch and “Yard Sale”.


Andean Knitting: Fibers, Color, and Motifs Discussion and Slideshow with Alex Capshaw-Taylor (knitwear designer and instructor) at the LibertyTown Guildspace.


Montpelier Fiber Festival on the 5th. Our 3rd Annual “Let’s Stitch” event is on the 12th at the Guild studio at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.


Fibers of Ireland and Scotland by Linda, Mary, Fran, and Judy. This meeting will be at Linda George’s house.


Annual Holiday Party – Location TBD.


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