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Below is a copy of the email I sent to membership. Again, I’m looking for input!!

Hi everyone,
We were recently approached by Tavern Spinners and Weavers Guild (, which is located in Heathsville, VA. – about 70 miles from Fredericksburg. They sell their handwoven and other handmade goods, at the Heritage Arts Center in Heathsville and are looking for additional inventory.
To that end, they have offered us the opportunity to join them as a means for developing an income stream for our guild. I am proposing that FSWG members who wish to participate keep half of their proceeds from sold items and donate the other half to our guild. Their next big event is only 2 weeks away and of course, items need to be there prior. I am willing to coordinate this possible venture and deliver items for sale to the Arts Center. 

  1. Commission is collected by the Arts Center and that commision is 30%
  2. Taxes will be collected and paid by the Arts Center but must be included in the price on the tag. Tags are put on by us. TSWG will help us get set up with tagging and inventory. They will also send us a pricing guideline.
  3. Mom and I are planning to go down to Heathsville next Friday to meet TSWG members and tag whatever items we have to put into the sales inventory.

I am looking for input on the idea. It’s all new to  me too and happening very quickly. I know that less than 2 weeks is not sufficient time to get anything woven or knitted or whatever but you may have items tucked away that you’ve crafted and are willing to release.

7 thoughts on “Income opportunity for our guild

  1. Sounds like a good idea. I would like to participate if I can find some things to send along. Would be very interested in your trip results. Linda G

    1. Yes I knew it was super short on the notice but thought it was still a good opportunity for the future, as you said! Worth a try, at any rate.

  2. I was wondering if the items would be juried like what we do if a member wants to sell at LibertyTown. I think this is a wonderful opportunity that we should really consider.

  3. 1-8-22 Hi, I have a lot of weaving yarn that I’d like to give to the guild. Can I drop it at the art center?

    1. Hello Martha – so sorry it took a while to respond. We are delighted to accept weaving yarn for the guild! You are welcome to drop off at the guild studio at Liberty
      Town Workshop any time Liberty Town is open. I plan to be there most of this Thursday but really, any time is great for dropping off.
      Thank you for thinking of us!

      Aileen Campbell
      FSWG newsletter editor

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